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This Singer sewing machine has many facets | Harvard Magazine

Dressed in 30 Meters of Greek Pride: The Evzones’ Traditional Uniform

The traditional fustanella uniform of the Evzone guards of Greece is as unique as the guards themselves. This article traces the origins of fustanella and how it is made. Published in Piecework magazine website.

Embroidery and Symbolism of the Eastern Orthodox Liturgical Vestments

Over the course of their ministry, Eastern Orthodox clergy wear peculiar liturgical vestments that communicate the prestige of the Orthodox Church they serve and the continuing traditions of the Byzantine Rite. This article explains the function and meaning of these vestments and their embellishments.

Bound in Stitches: A Brief Guide to Common Bookbinding Stitches

Sewn bookbinding techniques improve the functionality, durability, and beauty of a book. This article describes some effective sewn binding stitches and their origins. It also includes links and references to illustrated tutorials that demonstrate each sewn binding solution.

Eva Palmer Sikelianos and Her Loom: Weaving the Ancient Greek Dress

Eva Palmer Sikelianos turned her back to conventional western dress for the liberated Greek style tunic. She dedicated her life to reviving the Greek handicrafts and the Delphic Festivals. Published in New Writers Welcome, The Medium.

Amelia Earhart’s Fashion Runway: A Passionate Aviator’s Fashion Line

Amelia Earhart was an inspiring role model for women in aviation. But she was also America’s first celebrity fashion designer of comfortable clothes for active women. Published in New Writers Welcome, The Medium.

Volunteers Wanted: Sewing Tote Bags for The Lydia Project Cancer Clients

From helping at the lodging center to sewing tote bags, the Lydia Project depends on the generosity of community members to provide services and support to its cancer clients. Published in New Writers Welcome, The Medium.

Buried Treasures: The Significance of Wool Artifacts in the Pazyryk Tribe

The wool artifacts found buried inside Pazyryk tombs gave us an understanding of how important wool was to these ancient peoples. Published in New Writers Welcome, The Medium.

The Discovery of the Indigo Plant and Dye

From ancient cultures to the modern society, the cultivation of the indigo plant has changed civilization. Published in The Medium.

Is Hand Sewing as Strong as Machine Sewing?

This Q&A guide focuses on the pros and cons of hand sewing versus machine sewing. Published in All Free Sewing.

What is Tacking in Sewing?

This Q&A guide explains what tacking/basting is in sewing and how you can use it. Published in All Free Sewing.