Price list

This is my general price list for most common alterations/custom-made items. My prices are reasonable and well researched. These prices change to reflect the complexity of the project, the quality of the fabric, the urgency of the project, and the completion time. For some items, I charge by the item itself; for others, I charge  by the hour. I provide a price estimate for a large project, but I cannot offer an exact price until I work on it. Occasionally, I travel to your house to pick up or deliver or fit your clothes. I usually offer this service for a small fee of $5+ per trip to handicapped and elderly customers. Please contact me with any questions.

To pay for my services, I accept: cash, check (written to Harikleia Sirmans), debit card, credit card. Thank you for your business 


Full skirt $12
Jacket sleeves with buttons $12
Pants $10
Pants with leg cuff $12
Pants with leg cuff and lining $13
Pencil skirt $12
Pencil skirt with vent $13
Pencil skirt with vent and lining $15
Shirt/blouse sleeves with cuffs $12


Zipper replacement
7” – 9” zippers $12
10” – 18″ zippers $13
19″ – longer zippers $15


Sewing instruction (per hour) $15
To sew one button $0.25
To taper-in both pants legs $16+


Wedding gowns and formal dresses
 Note: For sheer fabrics (chiffon, organza, silk), lace, and beads the price will be higher.
To hem one skirt layer $30 +
To hem one skirt layer with train $40 +
To take-in side bodice seams $20 +


Garment construction
Blouse with front buttons and sleeves $50 +
Neck tie $25
Pants $50 +
Pencil skirt with vent and lining $50 +
Shirt $50 +
Sleeveless shirt dress $80
Sleeveless sheath dress with lining $90
Wedding gowns starting at $500
Formal dresses starting at $240


Home accessories
Chair slipcover $40 +
Curtain panel floor length $30
Curtain panel floor length with lining $40
Mini quilt $25 +
Quilted place mat $25
Quilted tote bag $30+
Quilted zipper pouch $12 +
Set of quilted potholders $20